And let me lay my cards on the table at the start by saying that in my mind there really is no more critical question facing the developing world today than how to face up to the challenges and opportunities offered by the Information Revolution, and particularly the phenomenon of the Internet.

    It is now the two edged sword that is leading the process of globalisation: wounding those who don’t quickly enough grasp how to use it by leaving them ever further behind, but providing unprecedented benefits for those with the courage and willingness to grasp its potential to drive change. ICT is transforming everything it touches, from politics, to business, to culture, to education and to health. And what we have seen so far is just the tip of the iceberg. But it is an iceberg the developing world is currently at more risk of crashing into than making use of.


    Malloch Brown, M. The Challenge of Information and Communications Technology for Development (UNDP 2000)

    Pedang bermata dua Revolusi Informasi akan melukai dan meninggalkan jauh di belakang siapapun yang tidak mampu memahami perubahan ini dengan baik, namun pada saat yang sama, revolusi ini akan memberikan manfaat yang tidak pernah diperkirakan sebelumnya bagi siapapun yang dengan berani dan tekad kuat memahami dan mencoba menggali potensinya!